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We are an adventure travel company. Our vision is to get the adventurous traveler an amazing opportunity to explore new places from the perspective of the local. We cater service to travelers in hot pursuit of caressing moments with nature and adventure as per its name. It makes your travel a complete holiday with elements of your imagination. The snow capped mountains, undulating green hills, meandering blue rivers, adventure sports along with bio-diversity, and the multi-culture with warm hospitable people seen as ever-smiling faces to the visitors.

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Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the SOUL.
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Go anywhere you want and enjoy the ride. Have lot's of fun and adventure, because you can't be sad while riding a bike.

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The Kumaon

The tourism in Kumaon Region is an opportunity to explore as well as to soak the culture of a state that is adorned with significant nature’s beauty and charming traditions. The state also renders an excellent chance to attain the complete rejuvenation of body, mind, and soul. For those who seek adventure tourism, the jagged trails, lofty mountains, the deep forests and whimsical rivers become a way to attain the unprecedented thrill. The state offers some incredible trekking trails, mountain climbing challenges, white water rafting opportunities and several other activities that can get the blood pump faster in the body. For nature lovers seeking, the same trails, mountains, forests, and rivers open the door for achieving peace of mind. Kumaon is replete with such picturesque and isolated places that are entitled to offer solace and tranquility to even the most distressed souls. To those, who anticipate seeking the blessing of the Supreme and head out for spiritual tourism, the state becomes a portal to enter the earthly abodes of Gods and Goddesses. A large number of religious places and shrines are seen tucked in the state. And finally for those who come here ‘Seeking Nothing’, it becomes a puddle of unsurpassed experiences that can be only relished once one decides to plunge into it.